Conference Topics



  • History & Reconstruction of Ped Crashes - Mr. Tony Becker
  • Distracted Pedestrians - Sgt. Chris Sanchez, Mass. SP
  • Pedestrian Perception/Reaction - Dr. Jeff Muttart, Crash Safety Research
  • Pedestrian Human Factors - Mr. Swaroop Dinakar, Crash Safety Research
  • Validity & Efficacy of Wearable Eye-Tracking Devices while Driving - Dr. Patrick Robins, IPTM Adjunct
  • Pedestrian Injury Patterns - Dr. Michael Sikirica, Forensic Pathologist
  • Courtroom Presentation/Case Review - Mr. George Ruotolo, IPTM Adjunct
  • Review of Staged Pedestrian Crash Testing - Sgt. Brad Muir, Ontario Provincial Police(Ret)
  • Crash Testing using Adult & Child Dummies of Different Weights at Various Speeds